3 Big Ways you can have Convenience using Dibz

With the heavily congested Metro Manila road, you can now say that easy parking have become a luxury every vehicle drivers wants to have. However, such luxury could become just another convenience for you, when you use Dibz mobile app in your handheld device.

This could help you have better driving experience within the metro, and you could have it in three fantastic ways.


What convenience could Dibz Mobile App give you?

With the help of Dibz, you can easily have the following:


1.) Easy Parking on your Destination

Dibz has numerous private parking lots all over Metro Manila, and you can reserve one of them near your destination. This could let you park your vehicle right away upon arriving, without bothering to drive in circles just to find a spot.

As a result, you can also solve related problems to parking issues. For example, you don’t have to leave home too early, just to set enough time in finding a parking spot.

Needless to say, this could also solve punctuality issues in offices, schools and other appointments as well.


2.) Valet Services

Easy parking is definitely a huge convenience for you. But sometimes, there are no available private parking spaces near your destination. You have the option of driving to a considerable distance just to park on a Dibz parking space, but you can also avail Valet Services instead.

This involves stopping your car on an agreed drop-off point, then a reliable Valet assistant will drive it to the parking spot for you. When it’s time for you to go, you just have to inform Dibz, and the valet assistant will drive your car back to you.

Just make sure to trust your car only to a Dibz valet assistant to avoid hassles. Upon meeting with the valet assistant, notice if he’s wearing the Dibz uniform, and ask for his official ID.

That way, you can easily go on with your day, without the need to travel a considerable distance to and from the parking lot. Of course, you don’t need to worry about your car’s safety as well.


3.) Everything is at your Fingertips

Such services are definitely convenient, but these are much easier because of it accessible through a mobile app. You just have to download and install the official app, so you can start using it on your next travel.

If you want to avail services of Dibz, you just have to open the app, book a parking space or valet service, drive to your destination, and show the electronic receipt to the Dibz staff upon arrival. Surely convenient, isn’t it?

This could save you some precious time, as you don’t need to make some calls or open any website after installing the app.

So if you find Metro Manila traffic a real headache, of course you do, you should try Dibz app for your convenience. This could let you have a decent parking space for your precious vehicle, so you can smoothly go on with far more important matters through your day.


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