Why Should Companies Provide Easy Parking Solutions to Their Employees

Manila has one of the worst traffic systems in Asia, and is gravely worsen by lack of easy parking solutions in various establishments. Truth be told, this is something that companies should consider and develop. After all, this is not just for their customers or clients, but for their employees as well.


How Parking Efficiency Affects Employees of Different Establishments

For companies to know why should they provide efficient parking solutions to their employees, they should know about how does parking space efficiency affect their employees. Unsurprisingly, this would end up to significant effects for the company as well.


Time Efficiency

Having efficient parking spaces can let employees to easily park and leave their car upon arriving at the area of the commercial building. They do not have to circle around their destination just to find a spot to leave their car.

As a result, employees can come in work earlier, or they won’t have to leave their home too early.  This means they could have better time to rest and prepare their selves for the job. That could be a more appropriate way to spend more than 15 or even 30 minutes, instead of searching for a parking spot in a busy road.


Security and Safety

Having secured and safe parking spaces within the premises of the commercial building where they work is another factor that should be considered. This means that an employee won’t have to worry about leaving his or her car elsewhere, without enough security around. That could be a small yet additional significant point to help the employee focus on his or her work.


Work Efficiency

If a company can provide efficient and secured parking space, its employees could focus work on its work. First, they do not have to drain their selves too much upon going to work. After going through monster traffic jams, they can just simply leave their car in a secured spot.

Second, if they will leave their car on a safe space, they do not have to worry about it while working. This can help them put their focus and energy on work, thus giving benefits to the company at the end as well.


Efficient Parking Solutions like Valet Services

The issue now is; a company could have no enough space to make a parking lot from its commercial building. Fortunately, some other easy parking solutions are available around.


Like the Dibz mobile app, for example, employees can simply install it in their phone. The company can also pay it for their employees as well. Dibz have valet services, wherein a driver representative from Dibz can take the car when it arrives on a destination.


The representative driver will be the one who will park the car, while the owner can simply go to his or her work from the drop-off place.  After work, the person can contact Dibz to bring his or her car back on a designated drop-off point.


That way, employees can have an easier time in leaving their car to a trusted Dibz representative. The company can provide the parking solution their employees needs as well.

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