1. About the App

DIBZ is a mobile app that is bringing convenience to drivers in Metro Manila! With Dibz, drivers can search for and reserve an available parking space and we guarantee it’s available when you arrive. No more circling the block in search for parking, no more waiting for other cars to vacate a parking, no more scramble for loose change and lost parking tickets! All payments are made cashless.

Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your phone settings.
  2. Go to apps and select Dibz App.
  3. Click on storage.
  4. Clear both data and cache.

For more detailed tutorial, you may check this link: https://tinyurl.com/y7obthrc

2. Reservations

Download the Dibz App for Android or iPhone  

  1. Enter your destination and click search.
  2. Click Reserve to list the parking spaces that are in the area you searched.
  3. Click reserve and confirm the reservation details.
  4. Click navigate and you can also opt to navigate through Waze by pressing the Waze button that appears on the map.
  5. Show your electronic parking ticket to a Dibz parking attendant at the parking lot entrance. The Dibz parking attendant may scan the QR code on your electronic parking ticket.
  6. Park in the parking space assigned to you by the attendant.
  7. Show your electronic parking ticket to the parking attendant when you are on your way out of the parking lot. Parking attendant may scan it- Payment will be deducted from your DibzPay wallet at the end of your parking session when you exit from the garage.

We guarantee you will have a spot to park when you arrive if you reserve through Dibz! In the rare occasion there is an issue, one of our friendly garage attendants will be present on site to assist you and we will offer you free valet or assign you another parking space.

We recommend that you reserve a parking space just before you depart from your current location. Dibz currently does not support long term reservations, however you will be given an additional one hour on top of your Waze ETA before your reservation will expire.

While your reservation is on-going, we keep a parking space available just for you. Without an expiry period you could get side-tracked and forget that you have an ongoing reservation, causing other drivers to miss out on parking in that reserved space you no longer need. Now that just wouldn’t help to solve the parking problem would it?

Yes, this will be treated as an auto cancellation. You will be billed for the time your reservation was active based on the same computation used to derive cancellation fee.

Yes you can! As long as the parking you had previously reserved is still available. If it isn’t, you can try to book another parking space nearby, or you can opt for mobile valet if Dibz offers the service in the area.

We promote safe driving and we recommend that you make your reservation as you are about to depart for your destination. Even though we have made our reservation process an easy one, if you are driving you may get distracted and run the risk of getting involved in a motor vehicle accident. Stay safe!

3. Parking Rates

On Dibz, you have to purchase Dibz credits to pay for your parking fees- each Dibz Credit is equivalent to PHP1.00

For reservations you will be charged the garage rate shown on the app garage info page. Dibz also charges a convenience fee for the reservation and for keeping the space open for you before you arrive.

The convenience fee will be a minimum of 15.00 Dibz Credits but no more than 50.00 Dibz credits per transaction. If you have applied a promo code to your transaction, the discount will be deducted from the sum of garage fee + convenience fee and the difference is what will be deducted from your DibzPay wallet.

The basis of the discount is based on the sum of your parking fee ( from time of reservation to time of exit) + Dibz convenience fee- the discount is deducted from the sum of the two.

Yes. When you reserve, your parking meter already begins to run based on the garage rates e.g. 50 for first two hours and 20 per succeeding hour. However it will be billed based on the succeeding hourly rate, in 15 minute intervals.

Example: You reserve a parking at a garage that charges 50 for first two hours and 20 per succeeding hour.

Scenario 1: It takes you 42 mins to arrive at the garage where you will then park for 7 hours.

Your parking fee will he calculate as 7hrs and 45mins, amounting to 165.00- the 165.00 will be the amount to which the convenience fee will be added to.

Scenario 2: It takes you 14 mins to arrive at the garage where you will then park for 7 hours.

Your parking fee will he calculate as 7hrs and 15mins, amounting to 155.00- the 155.00 will be the amount to which the convenience fee will be added to.

Scenario 3: It takes you 58 mins to arrive at the garage where you will then park for 7 hours.

Your parking fee will he calculate as 8hrs, amounting to 170.00- the 170.00 will be the amount to which the convenience fee will be added to.

Scenario 4: It takes you 17 mins to arrive at the garage where you will then park for 7 hours.

Your parking fee will he calculate as 7hrs and 30mins, amounting to 160.00- the 160.00 will be the amount to which the convenience fee will be added to.

Our garage partners honor Dibz reservations by making sure that a parking space is available for you when you arrive, even if there is another customer at the site who drives in and is ready to park in the spot right away. Since the parking space is left vacant for you, it is already considered as if you are parked in that spot even though you are still in transit.

4. DibzPay and How to Load

Just look for DibzPay in the app menu and you have the option to purchase DibzPay credits with will be stored in your DibzPay wallet once a successful purchase is completed. You can pay for DibzPay credits through Paypal or you can choose Dragon Pay method to pay over the counter or directly through your bank account.

Yes, all available methods of DibzPay credits loading will update your balance in real-time if the purchase transaction is successful.

No, DibzPay credits are not cash and they cannot be converted to cash. Currently they can only be used to pay for parking on the Dibz app.

You will still be able to exit the parking garage, however you will have a negative balance on your DibzPay wallet balance. The next time you load your DibzPay credits, the negative balance will immediately be deducted from the amount you have loaded.

You most likely had a negative balance on your DibzPay wallet because your previous parking fee was greater than the amount of DibzPay credits you had in your DibzPay Wallet. In this case, the negative balance has been deducted from the amount you have just loaded. If you did not have a negative balance, do contact us through our in-app.

The minimum DibzPay balance needed to make a reservation is 200.00 credits, even if your parking transaction will be less than 200.00 credits.

  1. Find the Cliqq Kiosk inside the store.
  2. Select “e-Money”, then “Dibz Pay”.
  3. Enter the desired load amount and the recipient’s Dibz Pay mobile number.
  4. Get your receipt from the kiosk.
  5. Present your payment to the cashier.
  6. Wait for an SMS confirmation before leaving the store.

5. Cancellations & Refunds

If you feel you have been charged more than you should have, reach out to our customer support via the Dibz app and we will investigate it and refund you for any excess payment.

When you make a reservation, you have up to five (5) minutes to cancel without being charged a cancellation fee. Beyond five (5) you will be charged a cancellation fee based on the succeeding hourly rate of the garage + convenience fee.

e.g. Garage rate is P50 for 1st 2hrs and P20 per succeeding hour

If you cancel your reservation after 30 minutes, you will be charged 13.00 cancellation fee.

If you cancel after one hour you will be charged 26.00 credits.

DibzPay Credits cannot be redeemed and or refunded in cash under any circumstances.

DibzPay Credits also cannot be resold, exchanged, or used as valuables or means of payment.

Under any circumstances, DibzPay Credits is not redeemable or refundable in cash. DibzPay Credits must not also be resold, exchanged or used as valuables or means of payment.

6. Liabilities and Claims

The company shall require that users of the Valet Service have insurance coverage for vehicles that are enrolled for Dibz Valet Service. In the event of accidental damage that takes place during the time the vehicle is in the possession of a Dibz valet driver, Dibz will only be liable to the following extent;

  1. If user vehicle is insured, Dibz will be liable only for the insurance participation fee.
  2. If user is insured but the vehicle insurer will not pay the user the full amount of the damages, Company will be liable for the amount that the user’s insurance cannot cover, but limited to three hundred thousand pesos only (Php300,000)
  3. If the user’s vehicle is not insured, Dibz will only pay for repairs amounting to three hundred thousand pesos only (Php300,000) but will not cover repairs if the vehicle owner elects to have it repaired by the vehicle dealership or what is commonly known as casa.

Based on the aforementioned coverage and limits thereto for damages endured by a user’s vehicle while in possession of a Dibz Valet driver, the following shall be the process required in order to process a claim.

  1. User shall notify Dibz Valet Driver of the said damage before leaving the point where the vehicle is returned to user.
  2. Dibz Valet Driver shall assist in obtaining a police report. A police report is a requisite for Company insurance provider to be able to payout to cover the damages to the extent coverable by Company.
  3. User shall coordinate with Company head office on a date and time for the vehicle to be assessed by the cost estimators to determine the cost of repairs.
  4. User agrees to wait for the Company insurance to process the payout and agrees to provide any additional information such as OR/ CR of the vehicle or any other vehicle or personal documents that may be required to process the insurance payout.
  5. Once payout is processed and the vehicle is repaired, user agrees to waive any future claims and hold Company free of any liability resulting from the damage that has been repaired.

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