How to Safely Navigate through Holiday Traffic Woes


The Holiday Season is once again upon us, and with it comes the smorgasbord of familiar events and conditions that greet us this time of year, such as parties, reunions, shopping sprees, holiday traffic, and Jose Mari Chan songs on loop.

While Jose Mari Chan is indeed a beloved national treasure in the Philippine music scene, a fact that makes it more bearable to hear “Christmas In Our Hearts” for the 100th straight time; nobody is ever a fan of holiday traffic. Nobody.

Furthermore, holiday traffic is especially bothersome when you’re trying to find a place to park. Finding a parking spot in Manila is hard enough as it is, but during the holiday season it becomes several times more difficult. The congestion of holiday traffic and the near impossibility of finding a parking spot often lead to increased stress, angrier drivers, and even some minor accidents. It can get so bad that some would-be shoppers abort mission and go back home, frustrated and fuming.

Not all is lost, however. Here are the 5 tips to help with you navigate through the mess that is the holiday congestion.


1. Try to go shopping earlier during the day.

Deciding to do your holiday shopping in the morning means that while almost everyone else is at the office, you’re coasting along towards the mall, enjoying the lesser traffic and more widely available parking spaces that await you.

Yes, this could very well mean getting off of work to make time for your shopping trip, which may not be possible for all of us.

Speaking of early, may consumers have also decided to do their shopping very early in holiday season, before the Christmas rush kicks into high gear. That’s another viable option.


2. Back into your parking spot.

Parking your car rear-first is better than parking nose-in. The former allows you to exit your parking spot with everything in front of you, while the latter forces you to back up out of your parking space, and this is a common cause of parking lot accidents, especially those involving children.


3. Remove distractions when parking

Nothing is more jarring than receiving a call right in the middle of parking. Playing (and enjoying) loud music within parking areas can make you lose focus from the task at hand and may prevent you from noticing details such as people crossing.

Parking, especially during high traffic times like rush hour or the holidays, often requires our full, undivided attention. Switching your phone to silent mode and lowering the music will go a long way to make sure everyone with you and around you is safe.


4. Use parking apps (such as Dibz)

Modern technology has made almost everything easier, and this also includes parking. Parking apps like Dibz allow you to reserve a parking spot ahead of time, even before you leave your house. No need to make laps around the parking lot when Dibz has already helped you secure a spot.


5. Avail of parking valet services

You don’t need to be a high roller to avail of valet parking, because parking apps like Dibz also offer valet services. Simply use Dibz to connect with a representative who can meet you at a drop-off point. It’s as simple as that.

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