How do I reserve a parking space?

Download the Dibz App for Android or iPhone  

  1. Enter your destination and click search.
  2. Click Reserve to list the parking spaces that are in the area you searched.
  3. Click reserve and confirm the reservation details.
  4. Click navigate and you can also opt to navigate through Waze by pressing the Waze button that appears on the map.
  5. Show your electronic parking ticket to a Dibz parking attendant at the parking lot entrance. The Dibz parking attendant may scan the QR code on your electronic parking ticket.
  6. Park in the parking space assigned to you by the attendant.
  7. Show your electronic parking ticket to the parking attendant when you are on your way out of the parking lot. Parking attendant may scan it- Payment will be deducted from your DibzPay wallet at the end of your parking session when you exit from the garage.


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