Be Informed of Your Legal Rights as a Driver on Manila Traffic

You Should Know Your Rights as a Driver while in Manila Traffic

One of the reasons of heavy Manila traffic are some of law and traffic enforcers that violates their own code of conduct towards motorists. As they apprehend more drivers, the vehicles should stop, thus inevitably adding road congestion. Not mentioning that it is a real headache when they do some steps to exert their abuse like asking for shady fees and taking your license.

This makes it important for you to know about your rights as a driver to deal with such people. Aside from letting you get out of big hassles easily, it can also help you to avoid causing traffic for other motorists on the road.

What are the Rights You should know as a Driver?

You have your own rights as a driver while on the road. You can keep it in your mind to help you deal with shady situations, especially when certain authorities apprehend you.

  1. License Confiscation

Always remember not to surrender your license to anyone who ask for it. Except from special cases, only the LTO can confiscate your license. The MMDA may ask you to show your license, but they cannot take it on simple instances. You should even keep your license away from village security guards if your local homeowners’ association requires for it. However, according to RA 7160, LGU units can confiscate your license providing that the city have its own traffic ordinance.

Although they cannot take your license on ordinary instances, MMDA traffic enforcers can confiscate it on certain conditions. First, they can take it when you involve yourself in a car accident, second, when you already have three violations left unsettled, or third, when you commit certain violations while driving.

  1. Passing through a Traffic Checkpoint

You cannot simply evade a Manila traffic checkpoint on the road. This is for the good of everyone after all, thus you should pass through it accordingly. However, there is so-called 10-points Advisory from the Philippine National Police that you can use to impose your rights while on a checkpoint. These 10 reminders are:

  1. Asking for Mission Orders

If you want to make sure that an apprehension by a traffic officer is legal, you can ask for their mission order properly. The MMDA issues mission order to all traffic enforcers upon duty, and it contains info about the officer’s area of responsibility, time of duty, mandated function, and if he is authorized to issue traffic violation tickets or not. This can help you to avoid any abuse, or to ensure about the legality about a traffic enforcer’s action.

You just have to take note of those rights mentioned above while you are driving on the roads of Metro Manila. Not only that it can help you pass through big hassles, but it can also help you to prevent adding more congestion to the Manila traffic.

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