Monthly Parking

Get parking wherever you want within Metro Manila. Reserve in advance and never get stress about your parking ever again.

How it works


Key in your desired parking location and select the best parking space that suites your needs.


Enjoy an easy process with no tedious lease agreement, no deposits, no PDCs and pick from a variety of online payment methods. Rent a parking space as easy as buying a pair of shoes online.


Drive in to your reserved parking spot, show your e-ticket and enjoy a convenient parking experience.


Short or Long Term Lease

Choose your lease term for as long as you want with a minimum of 1 month.

Search Filter Options

Have the power to filter your search result by price and parking type.

Saved Parking Spaces

Liked your experience on a particular space? Save it for easier access.

Seamless Billing

Receive your e-billing via email so you can keep on track of your monthly parking payments.

Cashless Payments

Secure your parking payment for your desired slot through DibzPay or credit card.

Parking Space Ratings

Give ratings to parking spaces that you transacted with to help both lessors and customers.

Rent out your parking space

Earn extra income by renting out your parking space.
Free registration. Because parking does not have to be a hassle.

Choose the availability of your parking space.

Set your desired parking fee based on the demand on your location.

List unlimited number of parking spaces.

Track your earnings and withdraw as often as you like.

How it works

For Lessors


Register on our monthly parking dashboard to keep track of your parking space list, customer transactions and earnings.


You can list unlimited number of parking spaces especially if you own multiple slots around the metro. You will have to wait for our approval for each slots that you will register with us.

Set Availability

Have the power to set your parking's availability anytime and anywhere.


You can withdraw your earnings whenever you need it. Keep track of your transactions and how much you are earning from it.

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